The Acceptance of Electrolyzed Water within the Food Industry

Food Safety Magazine, a recognized information leader in the food safety industry, examined the use of electrolyzed water in a recent edition of their publication. The magazine noted the technology has been used as an effective cleaner and broad-spectrum sanitizer for decades in Russia and Japan. Now, due to its sustainability and green cleaning properties, electrolyzed water is finally winning acceptance in the U.S. and Canada.

In the end, experts believe the use of electrolyzed water shows great promise in the food safety industry and will only be limited by the imagination of the industry. In fact, Food Safety Magazine predicts the “full approval and acceptance of electrolyzed water as a cleaner and sanitizer in the retail food industry will soon become a reality.”

Source:Powitz, Robert. “Activated and Electrolyzed Water: A Brief Review of a New Generation of Cleaners and Sanitizing Agents.” Food Safety Magazine, 2010.